Frequently Asked Questions

To register on My Frequent Reward, you will be asked to provide some basic questions while creating your account, as well as the option to provide some more in-depth information about yourself in order to participate in our surveys. After sign up, you will be sent a confirmation email in order to finalize your registration. You must click the link in this email to confirm your registration on My Frequent Rewards and in order to participate in surveys.

Registration to My Frequent Reward is completely free - you will not be asked for any payment. On the contrary, it is you who earns points that can be exchanged for vouchers by taking part in our surveys and participating in sponsored surveys.

Becoming a member lets you take part in surveys on different topics. You can then start to accumulate the rewards that are redeemable for an incentive of your choice listed on Rewards page

Login, then on the Profile picture section, select Profile. Enter your password and then click Update. And to change Email addrress you need to contact the administrator.

Login, then on the Profile picture section, select Profile. Enter your new details and then click Update

You Need To Contact your adminsitrator to cancel your account.

Once you have registered on My Frequent Reward, verify your email by clicking on the link you receive in your mailbox. If a survey matches your profile, you will receive an invitation by email. The more up-to-date your Profile Surveys are, the more chances you have of being invited to take part in surveys you qualify.

The reward varies depending on the length of the survey. You have to complete a survey to receive the reward.

The number of surveys you receive will vary depending on what personal settings you have and how many surveys are currently available. You can login to your account and under "Profile" tab, you can select "Ideal survey frequency" as per your choice. We encourage you to keep your profile up to date and increase the chance of getting more surveys.

One of the major reason behind technical issues is that survey respondents are using a variety of operating systems, browsers, Internet connection types, and hardware, and not all are necessarily compatible with the technology of all surveys that may be available. If you encounter a technical difficulty with a survey, usually, if you wait for a while, and try again later, the problem will be resolved. If you are still seeing an error after waiting a while, please report it to us with a screen shot, if possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by technical errors. We will do our best to get them resolved.

Our profiling process is continuous. The objective is to have broad and current attributes on each member. Our clients makes decisions based on responses from our members in their surveys. Implementing strict quality controls helps us make sure you are part of the target the client is looking for. The questions at the beginning of each survey may seem repetitive but are necessary to ensure the integrity of panellists.

From our experience we know that not everyone has time or opportunity to participate in all the surveys we send out. For instance, someone might be on vacation and cannot participate in a specific survey. The survey is therefore sent to a large number of people and it is closed when a desired number of participants have been reached. Thereafter, no more panellists can participate in the survey. If you get this message, it means we already have number of participants we are looking for. Please know that more survey opportunities will become available.

Electronic vouchers (e-gift vouchers) will be sent to your registered email address. PayPal requests will be credited directly to your PayPal account. Please ensure all of your information is correct to avoid any delays.

From the moment you redeem rewards from your account, it can take up to 2-3 weeks before the transfer is actually executed. This could be due to several other transfers being queued for execution. Please ensure all of your information is correct to avoid any delays.

Your profile data is stored on our secure server that allows us to call upon those members who match specific criteria to participate in surveys. This process is completely automated and members are contacted by My Frequent Rewards via email to participate in our surveys. All responses are held in aggregate, which means that individual responses are not linked to personally identifiable information. The information you provide will never be sold or used to advertise. You are not responsible for buying any product or service at any time, nor will any company solicit you as a result of joining My Frequent Reward panel.

This information is used to match members with specific survey requirements. In some cases our clients require feedback from people in a certain income bracket or those who have children. Please be assured that this information is securely kept and strictly confidential. The more information you provide, the greater are your chances of receiving invitations to surveys you may qualify for, and the more opportunities you may receive to earn rewards. Go through our privacy policy for more details.

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