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Our all surveys can be accessible through any device from anywhere.

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Why Us

Who are in extremely love with eco friendly system.

Earning Opportunity

We are offering a life time earning opportunity from online surveys without any investment.

Valued your Opinion

We understand your opinion and rewarded by our exclusive gift card and PayPal cash which will be direct deposited to your account.

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We made our sign up process so simple and easy to use for our members convenient. Setup a account in few seconds.

Who we are?

My Frequent Reward is a World Wide Survey Panel. You will get the high pay-out regular survey.

"This is a very unique and fast earning sitewith a fairly low pay-out thresholdof $10. Some of other reward has higher pay-out threshhold."

MY Frequent Rewards is an interesting website and app that gives quite a lot of survey offers to earn where ever you are and access the surveys over mobile as well as on Laptop/Desktop & Tablets.

You do not have to spend much time on being a member, as you will receive an email invitation, when there is a new survey available. So you do not have to login to the site to check yourself every time. It might however take you some time to reach. You can get paid in cash through PayPal or choose to get paid in gift cards.

MY Frequent Reward users make money by taking paid surveys about all different topics. Your input helps corporate business better serve consumers like you!Just Think: Businesses those need your opinions so that they can make products you’ll prefer more, and Companies are going to pay you. So, Frequent Reward is the one stop solutions!

How It Works

To be participants on MY Frequent rewards, you need to SIGNUP with your current/existing email to get access to the live Survey offers through your Dashboard.

Profiler Survey

Click on Profile Survey as soon as you get enter into your Dashboard to get rewarded with your first Reward and complete your profiling with few quick inputs.

You will be rewarded USD 5 to complete your profiling. Some of the other rewards have a higher pay-out threshold, but in general, it does not take too long to reach the threshold on MY Frequent Rewards.

Daily Surveys

Once you complete your profiling survey you receive 8-10 Surveys daily according to your profiling. After each survey participation and achieving your threshold or more, you will be rewarded with points and those points will be redeemed to your PayPal account on every month billing Cycle.

Incase, you are unable to achieve your threshold in current month then it all your previous point will be forwarded to your coming month points and it will be continued till the threshold will not be achieved , you will be paid once you achieve your threshold or more.

How You Grow

The higher your survey climbs in the survey ranking, the more attractive it becomes for potential participants - and the more people participate in it. The reason for the greater attractiveness.

The better your survey is ranked in the Survey Ranking, the more points others receive for their participation (You will get Incentivise Points of 1500 every month with your current points if you achieve your threshold or more continuously for 6 months in the Survey Ranking).

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